New Yorkers still need your help

My husband, Robbie, travelled to the Rockaways today to drop off much needed supplies. Below some photos and latest news written by him:

“Power is back on in nearly all of of Manhattan. Life is slowly returning to normal. Here in Park Slope the restaurants are crowded for Brunch and the shoe store is having a Winter sale.

BUT only a few miles away entire communities are completely devastated. Red Hook, The Rockaways, Staten Island and parts of New Jersey are still without power, heat, water and food. Entire neighborhoods are gone.

They need volunteers to get the word out to residents, to go door to door to let them know where they can get blankets, food and water. These people are scared and aren’t sure that anyone even knows what happened to them. They lost everything.

I have no idea how else to help except to post these photos and videos and to urge everyone to realize this is not over. Things are NOT back to normal. THOUSANDS of people need our help.”

2 responses to “New Yorkers still need your help

  1. Magda….how devastating. What can Steve and I do…Should we donate to Red Cross. Should I send $$$ to you if you know individual families that need help.

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