Do Jewish men really make the perfect husbands?

Do Jewish men really make the perfect husbands? Yes, and let me tell you why

1 Jewish men have a wonderful sense of humor.
Adam Sandler, Seinfeld … let’s face it the men that make us laugh the most are Jewish. Not only do Jewish men have a great sense of humor, but they are also able to laugh at themselves. I guess if you are short, have a prominent nose and whine a lot, it helps to be able to make fun of yourself (just ask my husband). Nothing makes the life with your partner easier than a sense of humor.

2 Jewish men are intelligent.
As my girlfriend said – “I don’t know any Jewish man who would prefer a six pack in front of the TV over reading the New York Times.”

3 Jewish men are family oriented and take care of their wives
Judaism holds women in very high regard. Of course there are exceptions, BUT statistically (and we all trust statistics) the chances of betrayal in a marriage with a Jewish husband are much lower. So stop worrying and invite all your hot friends over for dinner.

Your Jewish husband will take care of you and make sure that you do not miss anything…especially in the bedroom. “In the bedroom,?” You ask, “You have my attention, please tell me more.”
Well, I found that in Judaism, unlike Catholicism (how I was raised) carries much less guilt and negative baggage surrounding sex. Most Jewish men see sex as a mission in pleasing their partner and are very inventive and curious. Most early pornstars were all Jewish men…just saying.

4 Jewish men are neurotic
Remember Woody Allen in his film Manhattan? Don’t get too much more neurotic than that. Okay, this could be seen as a negative, but THEIR neuroticism means YOU don’t have to worry as much because your Jewish man will worry for you.

5 Jewish men can be extremely good-looking…or not 🙂
With Jewish guys it can be hit or miss, either they are you insanely good looking or insanely not. James Franco…or Mel Brooks.

Some Jewish men look like this:

Others like that:

6 A Jewish wedding is cool
A Jewish marriage is conducted under the traditional canopy, or chupah; the groom symbolically smashes a glass , a young couple is lifted on chairs – these are just some of the festive traditional Jewish wedding customs . Recently both Anne Hathaway and Drew Barrymore had traditional Jewish weddings. And who knows better than Drew Barrymore how to throw great party? ☺

7 And the most important :  My husband will prepare you a lovely breakfast so you can work on your blog 🙂

Pictures by Robbie Chafitz


3 responses to “Do Jewish men really make the perfect husbands?

  1. You did not know it because he was not. Every time I see those lovely self congratulatory articles spewing that one race or ethnicity is better than other, I cannot help myself but remember the guys who took it to the next level. You know the Aryan race, extreme satisfaction with their better than the rest of humanity race and this chosen philosophy of being uber alles and above the rest of us. BTW I find funny that Woody is on the list. Didn’t he married one of his step-off springs and lately was accused of molesting his child? Yeah! definitely a husband material! LOL

    • Listen, putz, it is a matter of fact, not opinion, that Jewish men are not alpha-male macho idiots who think women are “hos” and it is their mission to experience any one their pecker leads them toward. Jews prefer stability. We use our heads first, our hearts second, and our dicks a very distant third.

      If you can’t see how that differs to, say, Latino, Arab, or African men, then no wonder you feel the need to hate on this kind of articles.

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