Lobster from the street stand

New Yorkers are accustomed to instant gratification – they want everything fast, and at the same time without compromising the quality. So they found a perfect solution – food trucks.

The very idea of food trucks is certainly not new, in Poland for example they are aptly represented by Asian cuisine, but food trucks in New York differ from their predecessors; they sell the highest quality cuisine. Gourmet meals are served directly from the truck quickly, often under affiliation of the best restaurants, and also cheap (!).

As it happens always in NY, some of them have become so iconic that there is a line always in the front of them. So, unfortunately, it is no longer fast, but still cheap and delicious.

A few of my favorites below:

Broken English – a stand with Italian food. THEY WILL CHECK YOUR ID BEFORE SELLING it because the food is soo addictive! 🙂

Madison Park Eats is a month-long food market situated at Worth Square next to Madison Square Park.

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Go with a maine style served cold with a touch of homemade mayo or with a connecticut style served hot with butter

Absolutely delicious $5 hot dogs from Asia Dog. They re-invented the hot dog by adding various of toppings to beef, chicken, and veggie hot dogs. Track them at http://asiadognyc.com/#/where.

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