Women and Shoes: A Love Story

Why do so many of us women love shoes so much? Is it all Cinderella’s fault? We all know that Prince Charming danced with Cinderella, but it was the Shoe which finally convinced him to marry her :). Since then, all of closet princesses, have been on a quest for the perfect shoes …

Years ago while traveling around the world, I only owned a single pair of shoes, which was replaced only when the soles worn out. The rational side of me still knows that it is how it should be … but working in the heart of Soho, in an agency where the majority of our clients are fashion brands, working alongside colleagues who wear a piece of art on their feet every day, I had no choice but to go shoe shopping.

Probably the best place to shop for shoes in NY is Macy’s, and to be specific to the Macy’s designer shoe shop. Recently they opened the largest shoe floor IN THE WORLD. It is a beautifully decorated designer shoe shop with a lot of chairs and plenty of room allowing to admire all shoes. And it is enormous…

There are 300,000 pairs of display. With separate zones dedicated to big names of the best designer shoes like Stuart Weitzman, Dolce Gabbana and Michael Kors.

Macy’s is one of only a few shops which realizes that shopping for shoes can be an exhausting experience so they opened an accompanying bar that serves chocolate, coffee and Champagne. Can we all agree that they have built a women’s paradise.

It is important to mention that all FOREIGN tourists get a 10% discount in Macy’s FOR ALL PRODUCTS. Just bring your passport to the customer service office on the first floor and they will issue the proper discount papers…so you can get on your way to buying all the amazing shoes you need to attract your prince…at a discount.

Macy’s (macys.com) is located at 151 West 34th Street  New York, NY 10001

Please also check online version of the designer shoe department here

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 11.14.04 AM

photo copy 5

Champagne bar …

photo copy 4

and gorgeous designer shoes


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