Your Perfect Mate awaits you in the NYC Subway Courtesy of The Love Conductor (10% off for LittleTownShoes’ readers)


Do you remember scenes from the Sex and the City when the four girls meet for a long lunch, drink wine and discuss their amazing dates? Well that only happens in the movies. In reality, New Yorkers have no time for such things. We are just too busy!

Most New Yorkers in their 20s and 30s are single. Why? Because between working a full-time job(s), taking classes, paying rent, getting from one place to the next, there is just no time for love. The irony is that NYC is one of the most crowded places in the world but it is extremely, difficult to find your second half.

So that’s where Erika come into play….Erika is New York’s Love Conductor. She has taken the classic idea of matchmaking to a whole new level…underground.

New Yorkers are so busy that the subway is one of few places, due to the lack of wifi or cell service, that people can actually pay attention for longer than five minutes. Instead of scouring Web sites or bars, Erika rides the rails of the NYC subway system looking for people’s perfect match.

“I’m using the subway as this great recruitment tool,” Erika explains.

Erika has more luck in the Middtown. She finds it a great place to ‘conduct’- located not far from Madison Square Park and in the proximity of dozens of office buildings – she is able to find most of her perfect matches. As most women are looking for a man who “owns at least one shirt and one tie” – she explains with a smile.

How does it work? “If I see somebody interesting on the subway I just approach them and ask about their relationship status” – says Erika- If they are single, she hands them her card, if they are in a relationship she just congratulates them.”

“I’m so glad I’m talking to you – she laughs – I’m in search for a tall, bearded Polish guy in his 20’s to early 30’s for to match with a smart beautiful Polish woman. If you know anybody please send him along!”

Erika’s service costs approximately $100 a month (t actually gets cheaper the more months you buy up front) for matches, date planning and coaching services. All dates are blind. She selects the place for the date and provides after date coaching services. You can read all about my updated pricing structure at

Any advice for dating people? She says the New York subway system is the ultimate meet market, we just need to put down the iPhones and the books and our guard to make it work and get enchanted by a fellow straphanger.

And now dear New York Readers you can find your love in the subway 10% off just for LittleTownShoes’ readers. Use the code MILOSC (which is Polish for love) on Erika’s website here.




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