Day after Sandy

Landscape after the hurricane is still depressing.

From intense flooding to power outages, from a subway system to hospitals losing generator power.

Manhattan is without electricity and hot water. There is no power or traffic lights in all lower Manhattan. We do not know how long repairs will take. Currently, they estimate that the power restoration may take 4-5 days.

Hospitals lost generator power and some were evacuated.

Subway was completely devastated. The pumps pull 13 million gallons of water out of the subway on any sunny day. Without any rain. So we don’t know, in this situation, how long the repair may take.

Flooding caused by sewage spilled into the streets and the smell is really scary in the East Village.

My friend (the one who sent us some pictures last night, you can still them see here) said that at one point she saw a wall of water bearing down the 14th street towards their building. Later on boats appeared on the street … yes, boats on the 14th street. They were used to get to the power plant (the one that blew up)

Several images of Sandy’s destruction:


Nothing, however, will destroy the spirit of New Yorkers. It is amazing that even during disasters they are able to unite and support each other, and at the same time keep their sense of humor:

Lower Manhattan was pitch dark last night, There were no robberies noted. New Yorkers stay together. Is there any other city like that?

So proud of us New Yorkers!

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