Latest from NYC

Some latest news from Manhattan written by my husband this morning:

“Just biked into work. Downtown traffic is a mess, no traffic lights working, very few cops monitoring intersections. Debris in bike lanes. Bus stops are overflowing with commuters hoping to get on a bus. People dragging suitcases frantically try to wave down cabs. However, the intersections are ‘working,’ drivers are taking turns crossing the complicated avenues/streets.

Above the East Village, traffic thins out to almost no cars and cops help out with intersections. Traffic lights and power above 30th street. National Guard has set up at the Armory on Lexington. I’m at my desk now in midtown, awaiting the arrival of colleagues and some folks from offices that have no power (downtown). Again, Magda and I have power, water and internet…we are the lucky ones. LOTS OF friends are on day 3 with no power, water, or elevators, flushing toilets, fresh food, showers, etc.

Weather is cool, crisp and sunny…”

Manhattan this morning:

Source: Buzzfeed

Some photos of pitch dark Manhattan taken by my girlfriend last night, who lives in the East Village:

Union Square by Jennifer Hirst

Tompkins Square Park by Jennifer Hirst

Empire State Building by Jennifer Hirst

Stay safe!

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