NYC Street Fashion

If you follow my blog or if you are my eye-rolling husband, you know I am STREET FASHION OBSESSED. I love taking pictures of colorfully dressed New Yorkers (I guess the obsession is partly justified as I grew up in the communistic grey&black Poland)

But before we get into the street fashion, I would like to share with you my latest observation. More and more shops in Soho have started to sandwich art between racks of clothes. In this way they are blurring the lines between “the fashion world” and “the art world”. And speaking bluntly they often try to use this tactic to justify the abstractly high prices of clothes.

At the entrance of the recently opened Dior men’s store at 133 Greene Street, a flashing neon sign blinks artist Robert Montgomery’s phrase: “Whenever you see the sun reflected on the window of a building it is an angel.”

(I once wrote a short note on Montgomery’s wildly interesting art, which can be found here)

The street view at the shop:


The view from inside of the shop:


Also, there are plenty of handsome sales associates hanging around so it is worth visiting 🙂

Here a naked Minotaur outside a shop in Soho.


And now we can get back to the latest trends from New York’s streets, enjoy!











You can find my previous post about street fashion here.

xo M

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