NYC street style snaps

This is not a fashion blog per se but when Autumn hits New York City you can’t walk the streets and not be inspired by the latest trends.   The scorching summer has dissipated and the brutal cold weather  hasn’t quite started working us over yet,  so Autumn allows New Yorkers a  myriad of opportunities to tumble  from our closets.   I often find more inspiration in the streets than from the pages of  fashion magazines.

So how I could not resist to post about it?
The layering is inspired and easy, large hats are back, woolen caps, studs and high boots never felt more at home on the streets of Soho.

Tell me what  you think of these styles and if want to seem more from NYC’s street fashions..
Stay warm.

2 responses to “NYC street style snaps

  1. I think people on NYC streets are always fascinating (whether its fashion or something else) and hope we can see more ‘peeks’ into their lives, routines, etc. Good piece!

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